Decimation - Reign of Ungodly Creation


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Label: Comatose Music
Disc #: COMA 079
Artist: Decimation
Album: Reign of Ungodly Creation
Format: Jewel Case CD
Release Date: December 9, 2014
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Location: Ankara, Turkey
FFO: Deeds of Flesh, Cenotaph, Decaying Purity, Hideous Deformity


Turkish death metal band Decimation release the new full length album, a follow up to their 2010 release. During their fifteen years of existence, Decimation has crafted a very unique and technical style that gives them a distinct sound with an extremely eerie and dissonant aura of brutality. Mind bending riffs and guttural vocals collide to bring this ungodly creation to life. Mixed/Mastered by Sasha Borovykh at TsunTsun Productions.

Featuring members of Molested Divinity. With album artwork by Dan Seagrave and printed with a 16 panel lyric booklet.


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Please note this is a distribution only release and not an official Chugcore pressing.


1. Noncelestical Orisons Cataclised in the Passage of Ninib
2. Supreme Wisdom of Blasphemy in Reign of Ungodly Creation
3. Mystic Transformation in Encrypted Scrolls of a Grievous Sermon
4. Aberrant Ablution by Filthy Excrements of a Grotesque Crassamentum
5. Psalm Carnage in the Ghoulish Chapel of Gehenna
6. Ghoulish Requiem for a Macabre Dæmonarch
7. Prophetic Despise Under the Pendulum of a Sacrilegious Throne
8. Devilish Domain Vortex in the Gloom of Wicked Ziggurat
9. Veracity in Relics

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