Aborted Fetus - Private Judgement Day


Jewel Case CD

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Label: Comatose Music
Disc #: COMA 072
Artist: Aborted Fetus
Album: Private Judgement Day
Format: Jewel Case CD
Release Date: February 18, 2014
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Location: Perm, Russia
FFO: Condemned, Maggot Colony, Traumatomy, Interminable Corruptions


Russian death metal slam monsters Aborted Fetus team up again with Comatose Music to release their third full length. It picks up right where their previous 2010 release 'Fatal Dogmatic Damage' left off: with violent guitar riffs, ruthless drumming, and immensely powerful guttural vocals that will expose you to the ravaged sounds of inhumanity. Enjoy the sound that is Ural Massive Brutality!

Featuring members of Putrefied Cadaver and Lethality. With album artwork by DaeMorph and printed with a 12 panel lyric booklet.


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Please note this is a distribution only release and not an official Chugcore pressing.


1. Savage Dominance
2. Necropolis Demography
3. Garden of Kidney Stones
4. Fuck in a Pesthole
5. Private Judgment Day
6. Malignant Pregnancy
7. Gastronomic Confession
8. Brown Totem
9. Guinea Pig
10. Morning Inferno

Stream the full album here: