Flesh Hoarder - Homicidal Necrophile


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Label: Comatose Music
Disc #: COMA 102
Artist: Flesh Hoarder
Album: Homicidal Necrophile
Format: Jewel Case CD
Release Date: May 11, 2018
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Location: San Antonio, TX
FFO: Pestilectomy, Ecchymosis, Nephilim Grinder, Syphilectomy


From the rancid innards of central Texas, the death metal savages known as Flesh Hoarder have risen from a 5 year incubation to unleash their grisly debut release ‘Homicidal Necrophile’. Erupting with ferocious vocals and crushing riffs, trampled by a relentless drum assault that’s certain to decimate the weak. This album will be celebrated by the barbaric and praised by the sick.

Featuring members of Feculent Divinity, Scattered Remains, Disfigured, Stabbing. With album artwork by Rudi Gorgingsuicide and printed with a 8 panel lyric booklet.


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Please note this is a distribution only release and not an official Chugcore pressing.


1. Between Life and Death (Intro)
2. Ritualistic Rape Victims
3. Tortured Beyond the Grave
4. Ejaculating on the Faces of the Aborted
5. Human Drapery
6. Hogtied and Deep Fried
7. Necrotic Slut Chunks
8. Infatuation with Menstruation
9. Abuse of a Corpse
10. Counterweight Suicide
11. Burnt, Scraped, Dumped

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