Existential Dissipation - Cesspool of Remnants [Import]


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Label: CDN Records
Disc #: N/A
Artist: Existential Dissipation
Album: Cesspool of Remnants
Format: Jewel Case CD
Release Date: December 13, 2019
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
FFO: Purulent Necrosis, Esophageal, Visceral Decay, Putreseminal Viscosity


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Please note this is a distribution only release and not an official Chugcore pressing.


1. Constrained Defilement
2. Cadaverous Agony (ft. Geoff Geoffries)
3. Sediment Infestation
4. Parasitic Sustenance
5. Execrable Evisceration
6. Damnatio Ad Bestia
7. Abhorrent Deliquesce
8. Cesspool of Remnant
9. Horrors from the… (ft. Konnor Butler)

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