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Label: CDN Records
Disc #: N/A
Artist: Cryophilic
Album: Barbarity
Format: Jewel Case CD [Import]
Digital: December 5, 2018
Physical: February 14, 2020
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Location: Hamilton, ON, Canada
FFO: Devangelic, Gorguts, Afterbleeding, Certainly Demented


Born of the north, Cryophilic deliver hard-hitting, groovy and ferocious waves of sonic fury. The kind of death metal that reminds you why you liked it in the first place. Formed in 2016, Cryophilic’s blend of Progressive Death Metal and old school sensibility make for one of the most formidable Death Metal bands.


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1. Warcry
2. Bludgeoned
3. Overdose
4. Witch Hunt
5. Throne of Evil
6. Meth Head
7. Delusions and Grandeur
8. Unworthy Redemption
9. Burning Blade
10. Oblivion
11. Legion (Bonus Track)
12. Knight (Bonus Track)

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