156/Silence - Undercover Scumbag


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Label: Innerstrength Records
Disc #: ISR 042*
Artist: 156/Silence
Album: Undercover Scumbag
Format: Digipak CD
Release Date: September 14, 2018
Genre: Metalcore
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
FFO: Orthodox, Chamber, Boundaries, Shame Spiral


Established in 2015, 156/Silence represents the duality of light and dark. Combining vicious breakdowns and soaring melodies that scream at the darkness but also whisper to the light. After 2 more underground EP releases, the band came out of the gate swinging with their debut full length, 'Undercover Scumbag' in 2018. That offering introduced a new, more focused and ferocious musical direction. After touring relentlessly the band set to work on creating their most diverse material yet in this release of 8 tracks.


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1. 156
2. Fake It
3. Saving, Saved
4. Undercover Scumbag
5. Wasted Potential
6. Demonetized
7. Face Value
8. Indecent Exposure

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