Black Tongue - Born Hanged/Falsifier (Redux)


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Label: Century Media Records
Disc #: CMR 9170
Artist: Black Tongue
Album: Born Hanged/Falsifier Redux
Format: Jewel Case CD
Digital: September 2, 2014
Physical: March 3, 2015
Genre: Downtempo/Deathcore
Location: Hull, England
FFO: Traitors, Feign, Slaughter to Prevail, Immoralist


An absolute monolithic classic to the entire Downtempo and Deathcore scene, combining 2 of the most popular and the original 2 EP's from Hull, England's unglodly heaviest Black Tongue. A name that needs no introduction, however those that may not know the band was formed by members of Infant Annihilator originally influenced by Downtempo acts such as Feign, Immoralist, etc, the band took off to the top of the genre instantly and helped popularize Downtempo as a whole.

The success of their first 2 EP's lead to their explosive popularity with both 'Born Hanged' and 'Falsifier' remaining among cult classics in the genre. The band helped bring in an entire new wave of heavy acts in the months to follow their debut EP's. Containing favorites like "Fauxhammer", "Coma" and "H.C.H.C." this album is a fan favorite for a reason. Musically combining aspects of deathcore with sludge/doom metal which became referred to commonly as Downtempo Deathcore.


This album is not only extemely popular for the tracks it contains but also the story behind this particular piece of history is very impressive. This album has long since been unavailable for years and was only originally sold online for a short period of time leading to tons of collectors seeking interest the prices for the few copies in circulation skyrocketed. However in a crazy twist of fate, years later copies were sold in an auction and we eventually came across them and scooped as many as we could. Which we are happy to begin providing here to the masses once again and starting at a very reasonably priced retail rate of $15. So get your copy now before these dissappear just as fast as they came back around!!

This is an original copy from the 1st pressing back in March 2015 as dated on the CD and original containing boxes. The album is printed with an 8 panel lyric booklet and contains a plain white traditional style disc printing.


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Please note this is a distribution only release and not an official Chugcore pressing.


1. Purgatory
2. Fauxhammer
3. Eclipse
4. Voices
5. Foreshadow
6. Waste
7. Ire Upon The Earth
8. Interlude
9. Falsifer
10. Blight
11. A Pale Procession
12. Coma (ft. Matthew Jones of Martyr Defiled)
13. H.C.H.C.
14. Waste (Remix)

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