Barrier - Self-Titled EP


Jewel Case CD

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CHG 068
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: Barrier
Album: Barrier EP
Format: Jewel Case CD
Digital: December 15, 2011
Physical: June 18, 2016
Genre: Nu Metalcore
Location: Chicago, IL
FFO: Sworn In, Villains, Volition, Kingmaker


Back in our store for the first time in years, originally printed in 2016, some of the most classic releases in the Chugcore discography comes Barrier, back from the grave. With a re-stock of copies of their CDs provided directly from the artist. These copies thought to be long sold out have returned to our store for what is sure to be a very short period of time before they are long gone!


For the first time ever on physical CD, the classic 2 EPs by Barrier are being printed and distributed exclusively through Chugcore. We have the 2011 Barrier EP which features 5 tracks and the 2012 Dark Days EP which features 5 tracks as well. And that's not all, the excitement continues as we are also printing a very awesome limited edition CD of Dark Days with a redesigned cover and also containing 2 bonus tracks which are the 2 standalone Barrier singles we all know and love, "Victim" and "Behind Closed Doors".


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1. Habits
2. Denial
3. I Am The Mistake
4. The Struggle
5. Cut Throat

Stream the album in full here: