Weeping Wound - Full Discography [2 CDs]


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D322 + CHG 164
Label: Stay Sick/Chugcore
Artist: Weeping Wound
Genre: Nu-Metalcore
Location: Naples, FL
FFO: VCTMS, Sabella, Still_Bloom, Prison


We are proud to team up again with Florida based Nu-Metalcore heavyweights Weeping Wound who brought you their debut EP through Chugcore with 2017's 'Growth'. Returning triumphantly in 2019 they brought us a full length record through Stay Sick Records. Today we are proud to be stocking that new title thanks to the continued efforts of partnership between Weeping Wound and Chugcore.

Weeping Wound or ₩//₩ have already been making waves on the heavy scene. With subject matter speaking out about abuse, addiction and mental illness they aim to be more of a statement than a band.


A full CD discography from Weeping Wound is now available which contains both their debut EP and full length album. The full length is printed in digipak format and the EP is printed as a sleeve.

The 2 CDs are:
-Pain (2019) [Stay Sick Records]
-Growth EP (2017) [Chugcore Records]


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