Aegaeon - Collectors Bundle [3 CD Pack]


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D300, D301, D302
Label: Self-Released
Artist: Aegaeon
Genre: Technical/Progressive Deathcore
Location: Evansville, IN
FFO: Abiotic, Rose Funeral, Fallujah, Molotov Solution


Aegaeon is a clasically well known atmospheric heavy Deathcore/Death Metal band from Evansville, Indiana. Formed in 2008, the band has always been known for being DIY and having amassed a very large following.

Carrying their albums is a very awesome honor for a band who has never released under a label and has likely not carried their albums on many other stores. The band has released 4 releases over their career including 2 EP's and 2 full length releases. The only release currently not in press is the 2012 EP 'Being'.


This pack contains 3 out of 4 of the releases in the Aegaeon discography which is all of their currently available releases in print at thist ime. The 2 newest CDs are in Digipak format while the oldest CD is in Jewel Case format.

The 3 CDs are:
-Age (2018)
-Dissension (2011)
-Exponential Transcendence EP (2009)


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