Gore Animal - Parasite of Soul [Import]


Jewel Case CD

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Label: Pathologically Explicit Records
Disc #: PER 117
Artist: Gore Animal
Album: Parasite of Soul
Format: Jewel Case CD [Import]
Release Date: December 10, 2018
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Location: Tangerang, Indonesia
FFO: Post Mortal Possession, Expulsed, Certainly Demented, Wurm Flesh


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Please note this is a distribution only release and not an official Chugcore pressing.


1. Devoured by Despair (Intro)
2. Cannibalism Without End
3. Imprisoned In Madness
4. Terrifying Illusion
5. Parasite of Soul
6. Sickening Psychological Trauma
7. Sickening - Suffering Has Begin (Demo Version 2015)
8. Parasite of Soul (Demo Version 2016)

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