Desolated - Disorder of Mind Vinyl (Gold/Black Etched) [Import]


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Label: Beatdown Hardwear
Disc #: BDHW 067.1
Artist: Desolated
Album: Disorder of Mind EP
Format: 12" Vinyl Record
Variant: Gold/Black Marble (Etched)
Digital: August 22, 2013
Physical: August 7, 2017
Genre: Beatdown/Hardcore
Location: London/Southampton, UK
FFO: Cold Hard Truth, Kublai Khan, No Zodiac, Brutality Will Prevail


The classic and world-renowned 'Disorder of Mind' EP release from UK Beatdown/Hardcore legends in Desolated, who have been dominating the scene worldwide since '07. These boys have released a ton of classic albums over the years, and this is no exception. This is the BDHW repress of the LP, which was done in 2017 after the originally 1st press of 500 self-pressed by the band in 2013 ran out. The LP is printed in a Gatefold layout with a unique screen-printed design etched onto the vinyl.


This is the 12" Vinyl LP version of the 'A New Realm of Misery' album, which is printed in the following quantities:

#1 - Gold/Black Marble [/200] (***This Product***)
#2 - Clear Red [/200]
#3 - Clear Yellow [/100]


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Please note this is a distribution only release and not an official Chugcore pressing.


Side A
1. Year Of The Snake
2. Death By My Side
3. Suffering
4. Strung Up
5. Delusions

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