Apate - Spit You Out EP


Jewel Case CD

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CHG 256
Label: Chugcore Records
Artist: Apate
Album: Spit You Out
Format: Jewel Case CD
Digital: August 25, 2017
Physical: December 18, 2019
Genre: Nu-Metalcore
Location: Queensland, Australia
FFO: Villains, Lordis, VCTMS, Codeine King


From start to finish, this Nu-Metalcore release from Queensland, Australia's Apate, is an instantaneous classic of the genre. This album is about ridding your life of all the snakes that are only there to stab you in the back. 'Spit You Out' will leave a bitter taste in your mouth, until you spit out their poisoned words.

This EP was released in 2017 thru Chugcore (Digital Only) when the presence of Nu-Metalcore was strong with Villains & Sworn In coming into the scene, Apate was Australia's answer back. Up until now this album has been limited to an Australian pressing. We have long awaited adding this classic to the official discography. In Jewel format and printed with a 4 panel lyric booklet.


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1. Fugue
2. Bone Syndrome
3. Split
4. Hangman
5. Spit You Out
6. Jackal
7. Bitter P*ll

Check out the full album stream here: