Dealey Plaza - A.D. [Limited Teal Digipak]


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CHG 265
Label: Chugcore Records
Artist: Dealey Plaza
Album: A.D.
Format: Limited Digipak CD (/100)
Release Date: January 18, 2020
Genre: Deathcore
Location: Fort Myers, FL
FFO: I Declare War, King Conquer, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Martyr Defiled


Back from the dead comes long-time Chugcore favorites, Dealey Plaza, with their triumphant return in 2020 to put forth a full length release titled 'A.D.'. After several bumps in the road, Dealey has pushed on with original vocalist Bryan Long finding an entire new lineup of 4 dedicated musicians. The long awaited comeback features over 30 minutes of relentless riffage and face smashing breakdowns due out officially January 18th via Chugcore Records.

To make this release even more special, we will be printing 2 different CD versions. There is the normal Jewel Case CD version which will have a 6 panel lyric booklet and is not limited in press. And there also is the limited edition digipak with the alternate color scheme which is a Teal/Gold mix. The digipak is limited and hand-numbered /100.


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1. A.D.
2. Epilogue
3. Adversary
4. Doctor Death
5. The Hour Of The Witch
6. Caedas
7. Dark Lust
8. No Masters
9. Dark Days

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