Pillars of Autumn - Full Discography [2 CD Pack]


2 CD Pack

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CHG 253 + 254
Label: Chugcore Records
Artist: Pillars of Autumn
Genre: Technical Deathcore
Location: Toronto, Canada
FFO: Obliterate, The Raven Autarchy, Angelmaker, Dysphoria


Some of the finest Technical Deathcore out of Canada comes from Toronto based Pillars of Autumn. Active since 2013, the band blends 2010 style deathcore with a modern edge. Providing brutal riffs, heavy breakdowns and complex guitar solos, accompanied by ambient and symphonic elements. All whilst telling a twisting tale, with both albums being concept driven albums.

With their new album in 2019, this provided the opportunity for a Chugcore release with a re-press of both 'Sodomizer' and 'The Masquerade' coming out as official discography titles. This is the first time each album has been printed in digipak format, and also for the first time ever, the albums are both containing the full lyrics.


This pack contains both releases by Pillars of Autumn, which is their entire discography up until this point. The 2 CDs are:
-The Masquerade (2019)
-Sodomizer EP (2015)


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