Cardiac Rupture - The Creator's Hand [Limited Cassette Tape] (Choice of Tape Color)


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CHG 215-2
Label: Chugcore Records
Artist: Cardiac Rupture
Album: The Creator's Hand EP
Format: Cassette Tape
Release Date: April 12, 2019
Genre: Slamming Deathcore
Location: Detroit, MI
FFO: Signs of the Swarm, Within Destruction, Gamma Sector, Mental Cruelty


We are bringing back the cassette tapes with another extremely limited run of recent heavy hitting favorites Cardiac Rupture. This band is exactly what you would want out of a brand new Slamming Deathcore act, with 5 tracks of brutality on this debut EP.

Presenting their 2019 EP 'The Creator's Hand' on limited limited cassette format, printed on 'Fire Orange' or 'Sky Blue' shells. Cardiac Rupture is the pure essence of brutality, continuing to exceed all expectations as the freshest act in the Slam market.


These tapes are limited to /30 of each color and are hand-numbered, with only 15 of each color tape to be sold online through Chugcore. There is a choice of the Orange or Blue variant.

Pressing Info:
-Fire Orange (/30)
-Sky Blue (/30)
(30 Chugcore / 30 Band)


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Side A
A01. Jacob's Ladder
A02. Mended by Error (ft. Misstiq)
A03. A Godless Walk
Side B
B01. Victim
B02. December Selection (ft. Daniel Burris of Gamma Sector)

Check out the full EP stream here: