Widowmaker - Quarantined [Limited Cassette Tape] (Choice of Tape Color)


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CHG 234
Label: Chugcore Records
Artist: Widowmaker
Album: Quarantined
Format: Cassette Tape
Digital: July 7, 2019
Physical: October 21, 2019
Genre: Deathcore
Location: Huntsville, AL
FFO: A Wake In Providence, Enterprise Earth, The Dialectic, I Killed Everyone


We are bringing back the cassette tapes with one of our most limited runs ever from long-time fan favorites Widowmaker (ex-Gatekeeper). The band released their 'Quarantine' album back in 2017 via Chugcore which later was re-released by another label. The album remained still one of our customer's most requested.

Thus comes the collection of songs called 'Quarantined', which is the leftover 3 tracks not used on the re-release + 1 bonus song. Presenting their 2019 mini-release on limited cassette format, printed on bright red or light grey shells.


These tapes are limited to /40 of each color and are hand-numbered, with only 15 of each color tape to be sold online through Chugcore. There is a choice of the Red or Grey variant.

Pressing Info:
-Bright Red (/40)
-Light Grey (/40)
(30 Online / 50 Tour only)


This product is available and ready to ship. Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before these items are shipped out.


Side A
A01. Fourteen Days
A02. The God, The Devil
Side B
B01. Dead Mentality
B02. Hell on Earth

Listen to the full EP stream below: