Traitors - Full Discography [6 CD Bundle]


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CHG 201, 145, 111, 102, 101, D033
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: Traitors
Genre: Downtempo/Deathcore
Location: Florida, USA
FFO: Black Tongue, Bodysnatcher, Oceano, The Last Ten Seconds of Life


A MASSIVE full discography pack with one of our most consistent artists, Traitors, who are offering our first ever 6 pack in our store. Carrying every single album that Traitors has ever put out, this is truly an ultimate collectors pack for fans of Traitors CDs. This includes a re-press of the long sought after 2018 release 'Anger Issues'.

Chugcore is the sole official distributor carrying ALL 6 Traitors releases in one convenient store. Buy one, buy a few, or buy em all! Traitors is a staple band in the Downtempo and heavy music scene.


All of the albums have been pressed by Chugcore officially besides the Self-Titled which is a self press. THC and Night terrors both contain a full lyric booklet.

The 6 CDs in this bundle are:
-Repent (2019)
-Anger Issues (2018)
-Mental State (2016)
-Night Terrors (2015)
-The Hate Campaign (2015)
-Self-Titled (2014)


Please note the 'Anger Issues' CD is currently being re-printed. This product is currently in the printing process and all orders containing this item will be expected to ship on or around 10/30/19.