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CHG 231
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: Dysphoria
Album: Satyriasis XXI
Format: Digipak CD
Digital: July 22, 2010
Physical: August 7, 2019
Genre: Technical/Brutal Deathcore
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
FFO: Beneath the Massacre, My Autumn, Aborted, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza


We welcome back to the scene, the OG kings of Technical/Brutal/Mathcore influenced Deathcore from Kiev, Ukraine, the masterminds in Dysphoria. These guys starting back in 2010, now famous for their uberslow breakdowns infected by mathcore epilepsy and extra-brutal vocals.

These well-known classic albums were put back in the day thru Total Deathcore, however these brand new pressings stand in digipak format for the first time and aimed to be steadily available to the masses for market pricing. This is the start of hopefully a long-standing partnership with this band as they prepare to release new content for the first time in years.


This album is their first release that started it all in 2010 with the full length album 'Satyriasis XXI'. This introduced the fans to the bands chaotic and brutal style where they began to gain quite a following. Pressed in digipak format for the first time ever for this album, it is printed with a 4 panel layout design.


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1. Whispers In My Head
2. Protoflazidium
3. Caligula Bows Down
4. Santa Makes Giger's Tattoo
5. Penguincore's What You Deserve
6. Satyriasis XXI
7. Pulsing Evisceration
8. Xloya's Guilt
9. Math Teacher Seems to be Epileptic (Mathfuckcore)
10. Outro

Check out the full album stream here: