The Stygian Complex - Self-Titled


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CHG 228
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: The Stygian Complex
Album: The Stygian Complex EP
Format: Digipak CD
Digital: February 2, 2019
Physical: July 29, 2019
Genre: Deathcore
Location: Lexington, NC
FFO: Filth, Oceano, False Images, Shrine of Malice


Hailing from North Carolina, this fresh new and upcoming act brings a mix of talent and fresh songwriting to the game with their unbelievably heavy debut self-titled masterpiece. One of the top new Deathcore albums to come out this year, it is now officially released as a Chugcore title. This time in Digipak format with a re-designed layout with full lyric panel included for the first time for this album.


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1. Intro
2. Dead Mind
3. B.I.H.
4. Hellworld
5. Gutfuck
6. Endgame
7. TSC (ft. Bryan Long of Dealey Plaza)

Check out the full album stream here: