Vulvodynia - Lord of Plagues (Deluxe Edition) [Chugcore Version]


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CHG 252
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: Vulvodynia
Album: Lord of Plagues
Format: Jewel Case CD
Release Date: May 10, 2014
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Location: Durban, South Africa
FFO: Waking The Cadaver, Acrania, Abominable Putridity, Infant Annihilator


Along with printing both of Vulvodynia's classic 2 albums on vinyl for the first time ever, we are also proud to put forth the first official Chugcore editions of the classic 3 Vulvodynia releases, including a special edition version of 'Lord of Plagues' with a new cover and 2 bonus tracks!! These albums have been around here and there in our store for a long time and we are glad to give them a permanent home in the form of these new Chugcore official pressings.


This product is the 'Lord of Plagues' album which was originally released on May 10, 2014 and is the debut release by Vulvodynia. The album originally contains only 3 tracks, so we beefed it up by adding 2 RARE Cover tracks by Vulvo not available on any of their albums: the Christmas Cover and the Halloween Cover which are featured as 2 bonus tracks.

The album is printed in jewel case format featuring the following details notable to this pressing: "South African Bulldozer Slam" is printed on the front spine of all 3 cds along with a color-themed disc art featuring the "Welcome To The New World Order" pentagram design. The back layout features a 2 column tracklist which is different than any other press. Lastly the album contains an 4 panel re-formatted lyric booklet including the bonus track lyrics.


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1. Drowned in Vomit
2. Lord of Plagues
3. Forced Fecal Ingestion (ft. Rudi De Vos of Scarlet Brood)
4. 'Twas the Night Before Crushmas [Bonus Track] (Christmas Cover)
5. Consuming the Putrid Fetal Remains [Bonus Track] (Halloween Cover)

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