Guttural Slug - "Plague Of Filth" T-Shirt [Import]


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Label: Brutal Mind
Artist: Guttural Slug
Item Name: Plague of Filth Shirt
Product Type: T-Shirt
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
FFO: Abominable Putridity, Carnal Disfigurement, Visceral Disgorge, Cerebral Incubation


This shirt be a 2 sided-design featuring the album artwork on the front with "Plague of Filth" text on the back in gold.

Since this is an imported item, the t-shirt size may be different than usual. Shirt size is quoted to be close to "Fruit of the Loom" brand, check size chart below.
[S = 46 X 69 CM]
[M = 51 X 71 CM]
[L = 56 X 73 CM]
[XL = 61 X 75 CM]


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