Strychnia - Shirt + CD [Bundle]


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Label: Self-Released
Artist: Strychnia
Album: Born of a Hanged Corpse
Bundle: T-Shirt + Digi-Sleeve CD
Released: March 28, 2019
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Location: South Brunswick, NJ
FFO: Gamma Sector, Signs of Omnicide, Within Destruction, Bog Wraith


NJ Brutal Death Metal act Strychnia return in 2019 with their eye-opening new single release "Born of a Hanged Corpse" which was released in March 2019. Strychnia are as toxic as their name might imply, a crushingly aggressive act from New Jersey - totally annihilating everything in their path. A magnificent amalgam of Melodic Deathcore and Slamming Brutal Death Metal.


The single is printed in a 4 panel Digi-Sleeve/Wallet with the lyrics included. This is a limited run of a single made as a physical, which isn't something we have often, meant to hold fans over until new material. With artwork by Mark Cooper. All orders come with a free poster while supplies last.

The shirt be a 1 sided-design featuring the "Noosefiend" artwork designed by Radvicious which is a "noose tree" design inspired by the new single. Printed on black Gildan brand t-shirts.


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1. Born of a Hanged Corpse

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