Dethrone the Corrupted - Sintrophia


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CHG 221
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: Dethrone the Corrupted
Album: Sintrophia
Format: Jewel Case CD
Release April 20, 2019
Genre: Technical Deathcore
Location: Maribor, Slovenia
FFO: Aborted, I Shall Devour, The Faceless, Origin


Following the path to the the furthest corners of Earth to find the origin of world's misery the Slovenian Deathcore collective bring you some of the most impressive Technical and brutal Deathcore known to man. A metamorphosis of melodious riffing infused with technicality and radically honest lyrics symbolizes their sound. The full length release 'Sintrophia' in features 10 tracks and is printed with a 6 panel lyric booklet.

Choose whether you want a hand-numbered CD (comes un-sealed) or a standard un-numbered CD for this release (comes sealed in shrink-wrap). Hand numbered copies will be limited to 40.


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1. Inauguration
2. Fall of the Divine (ft. Rok Rupnik of Within Destruction)
3. (Im)Mortal
4. Curse the Deceased
5. Interfernal Suffering
6. Herr Whyze Koenig
7. Valliance
8. A King, Desecrated
9. The Unmaker
10. The Serpent Sion

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