Outlaw - 688529 [Re-Release]


Jewel Case CD

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CHG 220
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: Outlaw
Album: 688529
Format: Jewel Case CD
Digital: December 16, 2017
Physical: May 14, 2019
Genre: Downtempo/Groove
Location: Chicago, IL
FFO: Villains, Rex, Immoralist, Sabella, Rooks


One of our first 10 Chugcore clients from back in the day is back with the re-release of their new album '688529'. Hailing from the midwest is some of the most Infamous and ignorant, Downtempo/Deathcore filth that has been slowly brooding and emerging from the embers of past bands like Villains, Demolisher, and Rooks.

The band have been relatively quiet since their debut in 2014 but return with this banger of 12 tracks proving the Chicago based act is not to be underestimated. Originally self-released, it is re-printed as a Chug version with new layout and brand new 6 panel lyric booklet for the first time.


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1. #Y22013
2. Lord Infamous
3. Teething
4. Chapter Black
5. Boxcutter
6. Delta
7. 688529
8. Threats
9. Hollows
10. Gatsu
11. God Hand
12. Downpour

Check out the full album stream: