Outlaw - Most Wanted EP [Re-Press]


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CHG 010-2
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: Outlaw
Album: Most Wanted EP
Format: Jewel Case CD
Digital: December 29th, 2014
Physical: May 14, 2019
Genre: Downtempo/Groove
Location: Chicago, IL
FFO: Villains, Rex, Immoralist, Sabella, Rooks


The Outlaw is coming... and what an unstoppable force they are. The debut EP that started it all from midwest based warriors in Outlaw, forged from the former members of well known acts Villains and Demolisher. Outlaw is the soundtrack to a sinister night out on the town amidst an active warzone. This crushingly heavy 4 track debut was Chugcore's 10th ever physical release, and originally only about 50 copies were ever made making it one of our rarest OG pressings.

Long sold out and copies unavailable since 2015, this album is finally re-printed and back in the discography. Labeled as CHG 010-2 the "-2" is used in this case when the design has changed enough or much time has passed since the OG pressing that the new pressing is worth distinguishing. The layout is re-done to include a 4 panel lyric booklet and also a clear see-thru tray insert.


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1. The Heist
2. Bella
3. Threats
4. Delta

Check out the full album stream: