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Label: Basick Records
Disc #: BSK 044CD
Artist: The Algorithm
Album: Polymorphic Code
Format: Digipak CD [Import]
Release Date: November 19, 2012
Genre: Progressive Metal, Mathcore, Electronic
Location: Perpignan, France
FFO: Monuments, Modern Day Babylon, TesseracT, Intervals


Even in a scene where progressive attitude is the norm, there's nothing quite like The Algorithm... mashing together metal, trance, techno, reggae and dub with the subtlety of a rhino on roller-skates. This album is not only wildly inventive and groundbreaking, it challenges the very existence of genre classifications and scenes all together. Containing 8 tracks and printed as a 4 panel digipak.

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1. Handshake
2. Bouncing Dot
3. Trojans
4. Access Granted
5. Logic Bomb
6. Warp Gate Exploit
7. Null
8. Panic

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