Rex - Possession EP [Re-Release]


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CHG 200
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: REX
Album: Possession EP
Format: Jewel Case CD
Digital: August 23, 2014
Physical: March 29, 2019
Genre: Down-Tempo
Location: Houston, TX
FFO: Feign, Genocide District, Black Tongue, Traitors


An iconic piece of Chugcore's history, this legendary OG Downtempo EP 'Possession' from Houston, TX based REX. Considered to be a staple of the Chugcore genre, and one of our ALL time most supported digital releases of all time. The release was originally self-pressed as a Sleeve but has been unavailable for quite a few years.

After working behind the scenes with the guitarist John, we were finally able to re-create this piece of Chugcore history, and bring it back in physical format as the 200th release in our discography. One of the most respected & well known Chugcore releases and we are glad to be providing it to you once again.


The OG album contains the original 4 tracks and this time the CD will be in a sturdy Jewel format. Since it's a huge piece of our history, we are going to be doing 100 numbered copies for this release. Choose whether you want a hand-numbered CD (comes un-sealed) or a standard un-numbered CD for this release (comes sealed in shrink-wrap).


This product is available and shipping out NOW! Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the package is shipped.


1. Manifest
2. Regression
3. Mind Trap
4. Possession (ft. Devin Sockwell of Feign)

Check out the full album stream here: