I Killed Everyone - [Bundle #3] Wall Flag + CD


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CHG 208
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: I Killed Everyone
Album: Lamenting Hymns
Bundle: Jewel Case CD + Wall Flag
Release Date: March 8, 2019
Genre: Deathcore
Location: Chicago, IL
FFO: King Conquer, Eat A Helicopter, One More Victim, Tomb of Doom


Its been 6 long years since we've heard any movement on the I Killed Everyone front. However, the storm has been brewing on the backend. The Deathcore titans, bringing the pure hate since 2008, have returned to triumph as kings with their 2019 full length album 'Lamenting Hymns'. A Deathcore masterpiece of 9 tracks, printed & distributed worldwide by Chugcore International. Comes with all lyrics in a 6 panel booklet.

The wall flag will be a rectangular long-size version of the album artwork. The band logo & album title will appear on the artwork in a gold coloring. The wall flag will be approx. 3 ft. x 5 ft. in size.

For the CD, there is an option to choose to have a hand-numbered copy (numbered /100) or a sealed un-numbered CD.


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