Fatuous Rump - Full Discography Bundle (2 CDs) [Import]


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D168 + D169
Label: Amputated Vein Records
Artist: Fatuous Rump
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
FFO: Abominable Putridity, Cephalotripsy, Vulvectomy, Anomalistic


Calling all fans and collectors of the heaviest of slam. A complete Fatuous Rump discography is now available on Chugcore, both releases being in Jewel Case CD format. This pack contains all of the current albums by Fatuous Rump which is their full discography up until this point.

The 2 CDs are:
-Disposing Slobs Of Corporal Fatberg (2018)
-Propagation Of The Foul (2017)


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