Aberrant Construct - Silience EP


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CHG 191
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: Aberrant Construct
Album: Silience
Format: Jewel Case
Released: December 15, 2018
Genre: Slamming Deathcore
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
FFO: Ingested, Acranius, Human Error & Vulvodynia


The very impressive 2nd follow up release from OKC Slamming Deathcore band Aberrant Construct, bringing you their 2nd release this year!! Featuring 7 tracks of Slam/Hardcore/Deathcore styles including guest vocals from Aegaeon and Cadaverous Contingency.

Choose whether you want a hand-numbered CD (comes un-sealed) or a standard un-numbered CD for this release (comes sealed in shrink-wrap). Hand numbered copies will be limited to 50.


This product is available and shipping out NOW! Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the package is shipped.


1. The End Begins...
2. Neoteny
3. Darkness Within (ft. James Martin of Aegaeon)
4. Silience
5. Evolving Mindset
6. Part I: Beauty
7. Part II: Ferocity (ft. Jacob Mathes of Cadaverous Contingency)

Listen to the full album stream below: