Spawn of Disgust - 2 CD Bundle - Dominance/No Warning Shots [Import]


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D041 + D146

Dominance (D146)

No Warning Shots (D041)
Label: Rising Nemesis Records
RNR 047


Calling all collectors and fans, this pack contains ALL of the current physical albums by German Beatdown band Spawn of Disgust. The 2 CDs in this pack are Dominance (2017) and No Warning Shots (2016).

Spawn of Disgust is a 3-piece Beatdown band from Nuremberg, Germany. These copies were received direct from the band at Fall in the Brawl Festival. For fans of Clawhammer, Third Rail, and Mercy Blow.


The CDs will be in 2 different formats. The 'Dominance' EP is printed in digipak form and is a self-release. 'No Warning Shots' EP is in jewel case form and is printed by Rising Nemesis. For the full product descriptions of each individual item including tracklists, please visit that product's individual listing.


This bundle package is available and shipping out NOW! Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the CDs are shipped.

Please note these are distribution only releases and not official Chugcore pressings.