Dysmorfectomy - Hypothermal Dissection [Import]


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Label: Reality Fade Records
Disc #: FADE 006
Artist: Dysmorfectomy
Album: Hypothermal Dissection
Format: Jewel Case CD [Import]
Release Date: June 30, 2017
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Location: Carhaix-Plouguer, France
FFO: Abominable Putridity, Catastrophic Evolution, Agonal Breathing, Diphenylchloroarsine


Back in stock from our partners overseas at Reality Fade Records. Specializing in Brutal Slam, and Death Metal. We are carrying almost all of their titles and plan to continue to do so as expansion of the label into the USA continues into full effect with Chugcore as the official distributor of RF Titles.

Hailing from France is a new offering from a recent promising act, one man Slam Machine Dysmorfectomy. This is their sophomore release which delves to explore vast, desolate planes of a dead frozen planet scattered in gore. With amazing artwork by the impeccable Pedro "Lordigan" Sena. This 10 track full length album was released in 2017 featuring guest vocals from Diogo Santana of Analepsy.


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Please note this is a distribution only release and not an official Chugcore pressing.


1. Intro
2. Crushed Ice Of Human Flesh
3. Perversion Of Corpses
4. Hypothermal Dissection
5. Grating Of Flesh
6. Heap Of Frozen Limbs
7. Cerebral Glaciation
8. Intestines Exposed (ft. Diogo Santana of Analepsy)
9. Visceral Preservation
10. Intracranial Excavation

Stream the full album here: