Entombed In The Abyss - Beaten At The Knees EP


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CHG 173
Label: Chugcore International
Artist: Entombed In The Abyss
Album: Beaten At The Knees
Format: Jewel Case
Digital: August 17, 2018
Physical: August 15, 2014
Genre: Brutal Deathcore
Location: Orlando, FL
FFO: KING, Messenger of the Covenant, Bodysnatcher, & God of Nothing


Deathcore powerhouse Entombed In The Abyss have been gaining some severe traction lately, back to dominate the Deathcore scene once again. In preparation they have re-printed their debut EP, re-pressed for the first time in years, with updated cover art. Entombed brings the heat with 4 tracks of wrenching gutturals and sweeping guitar riffs.


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1. Beaten at the Knees
2. Belligerent
3. Extinction Event
4. Reign of Ash

Listen to the full EP below: