Newcomer - Full Discography Bundle - God Eat Dog + Rejection//Dejection [2 CDs]


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CHG 071 + D126
Label: Chugcore International (RD) / Self-Release (GED)

We welcome the newest addition to the Chugcore store, Newcomer with their brand new EP release "God Eat Dog" which means a complete Newcomer discography is now available on Chugcore.

This pack contains both of the current albums by Newcomer which is their full discography up until this point. The 2 CDs are God Eat Dog (2018) which is a sleeve CD and Rejection//Dejection (2016) which is a jewel case CD.


For full more detailed descriptions please visit the individual product listings. Newcomer is a Downtempo/Nu-Metalcore band from New York City. For fans of Varials, Rex, Sabella, and KING.


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