Weeping Wound - Growth EP


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CHG 164
Label: Chugcore International

Chugcore is proud to announce the addition of two fantastic nu-metalcore releases as new official pressings in our store. Here we have the brand new full length album from Southwest Florida band, Lordis, and also hailing from Florida, Weeping Wound bringing their debut EP to physical form as a Chugcore pressing for the first time.

Weeping Wound's debut EP release 'Growth' was released through Chugcore July 18th, 2017. This time the Growth EP is being pressed as a Chugcore official discography title, and will be a sleeve this time as opposed to the self-pressed Eco-Sleeve.


Weeping Wound is an Ultraheavy Downtempo Deathcore/nu-metalcore hybrid from Naples, FL. This release contains 4 tracks, yet clocks in at just over 21 minutes, and conveys a message of mental, physical and emotional growth from the pitfalls and graves dug by addiction and suicidal ideation.

Oppressively heavy yet cathartic and creative with their lyrical power, Weeping Wound or ₩//₩ have already been making waves on the heavy scene with their first release. Weeping Wound is for fans of VCTMS, Sabella, Barrier, Still_Bloom and Prison.


The CD will be in standard size sleeve format with a fully printed front, back, and disc. There will not be hand-numbered copies for this release since it is a re-press and not a brand new title.

This product is available and shipping out NOW! Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the package is shipped.


1. You Are Forgiven
2. Tooth & Nail
3. Hammered
4. Glutton

Stream the full album here: