Lordis - In Between Misery & Apathy


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CHG 171
Label: Chugcore International

Chugcore is proud to announce the addition of two fantastic nu-metalcore releases as new official pressings in our store. Here we have the brand new full length album from Southwest Florida band, Lordis, and also hailing from Florida, Weeping Wound bringing their debut EP to physical form as a Chugcore pressing for the first time.

Lordis is a band that every true Chugcore fan should be familiar with, considered an essential to anyone who is a fan of the nu-metalcore style portrayed by this band and similar acts. Low-tuned and slow, Lordis plagues the mind with bitter-sweet agression and sensations of anger, guilt and sadness throughout this almost 40 minute release.


Lordis has made waves across the scene for months now since they released a debut "Thin Line" EP back in 2015 which left fans begging for new material ever since. The newly released album 'In Between Misery & Apathy' (dropped July 27, 2018) quenches that thirst for more of this unique sound Lordis brings. Lordis is for fans of Sworn In, VCTMS, The Gloom In The Corner, Yüth Forever, and Soulkeeper.

The CD will be in standard size sleeve format with a full color printed front, back, and disc. We WILL be bringing back limited hand numbered copies for our new Chugcore official releases, and as such 40 copies of this release will be hand numbered if the customer chooses so.


Choose whether you want a hand-numbered CD (comes in re-sealable bag) or a standard non-numbered CD for this release (comes factory sealed in shrink-wrap). Hand numbered copies will be limited to 40.

This product is available and shipping out NOW! Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the package is shipped.


1. Dead Drop
2. Bad Seed
3. Dreameater
4. Empress (Your Love)
5. Deadbeat King (ft. Alex Stankewitz of Loser)
6. S//O\\S (Six of Swords)
7. Consume Me By Night
8. Hope or Death
9. The Dance of Black & White

Stream the full album here: