Delusions of Grandeur - Full Discography Bundle [4 CD Pack]


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CHG 131, 132, 133, 160
Label: Chugcore International

Joining forces once again with the Progressive Deathcore masterminds from Pittsburgh, PA (USA), with the addition of the 2018 release 'Apotheosis', we now have all 4 major DOG releases from their discography available full time on our store.

Delsuions of Grandeur is a band that fans of our more progressive, djent, traditional style Deathcore releases will be sure to enjoy. For fans of Enterprise Earth, After the Burial, Humanity's Last Breath, The Afterimage, and Reflections.


This package contains all 4 of the bands most recent releases in their catalog including:
-'Apotheosis' (2018) which contains 5 tracks.
-'Gravis' (2015) which contains 4 tracks.
-'Reclamation' (2014) which contains 5 tracks.
-'Efficacy' (2013) which contains 7 tracks.

All 4 CDs will be in standard jewel case form. The albums will be printed with full color artwork including a 4 panel lyric booklet of beautiful artwork (Apotheosis, Efficacy and Reclamation) and a 2 panel insert (Gravis).


This bundle is available and shipping out NOW! Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the CDs are shipped.


For tracklists & streams, please visit the individual product descriptions for each CD: