The Senate - "Bombad General" T-Shirt


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Now available and ready to ship out we have finally listed the remaining merch from The Senate from when we printed their debut CD & merchandise in the USA for fulfillment of North American merch orders on behalf of the band. Now we are offering the remainder of the merch for sale on our store now.

We are clearing out the last of the limited quantity remaining which is less than 10 of each item including the "Bombad General" aka "Maul" t-shirt, the logo mosh shorts, and the "Starcore" hoodie as described below.


This item is the "Bombad General" aka "Maul" t-shirt featuring an alltime favorite star wars hero and villain. The design features beautiful full color printing of red, blue and pink on a black shirt, which is printed on Gildan brand shirts. The shirt is a front only print with The Senate logo in large letters at the top of the design.


This product is available and shipping out NOW! Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the package is shipped.

Please note this is a distribution only item, however it has been printed in the USA by Chugcore on behalf of The Senate.


Stream the full album "Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away" by The Senate here: