Clawhammer - Champion Brand Hammer Shorts

Clawhammer - Champion Brand Hammer Shorts


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CHG 086-SH
Label: Chugcore International

Available now, the brand new debut EP from UK Slam Titans in Clawhammer bringing you their 5 track EP featuring guest vocal spots from Acrania, Bodybag, Brawl Between Enemies and Revelations.

We also have 2 exclusive merch items for Clawhammer available for North American distribution. We have the Champion brand hammer mosh shorts and the Slam Crew snapback.


This item is for the Clawhammer mosh shorts only. These will be printed on official Champion brand shorts, and will feature the Clawhammer logo on one side and the crossed hammers symbol on the other side.

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1. Intro/Infernum In Terra (ft. Gerardo Pavon of Bodybag)
2. Lycnching (ft. Rob & Phips of Brawl Between Enemies)
3. Human Disease (ft. Yannick of CYF & Cedric of LTK)
4. Agony of Judas (ft. Luke Griffin of Human Error & Acrania)
5. Realm of the Wicked (ft. Brad Harkness of Revelations)

Stream the full album here: