Traitors - Anger Issues [White Version]


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CHG 145W
Label: Chugcore International

We are proud to announce the official addition of Traitors' comeback EP 'Anger Issues' to our physical CD store. After taking a brief hiatus, the band have returned with a new lease of life to continue their legacy as pioneers of downtempo.

Pushing their sound in new directions whilst maintaining their stylistic heaviness, Anger Issues is 8 tracks of fresh Traitors music that new and old fans are sure to enjoy! Choose between standard black (not limited in press) or white (limited to 300 units).


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1. Intro
2. Short Fused
3. Rip
4. Blatant Disrespect
5. Interlude
6. No Peace
7. Medicine (ft. Chris Whited of King Conquer)
8. Lashing Out [Bonus Track]

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