Gamma Sector - Elements of Contamination EP [Green Limited Cassette Tape] (Choice of Sticker Color!!)


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CHG 122-2G
Label: Chugcore International

We welcome the newest addition to the Chugcore store, we have an ultra customized cassette tape release for one of our popular releases, Gamma Sector. Presenting their 2016 debut EP "Elements of Contamination" as a limited cassette tape pressing, in fluorescent orange and lime green, these glow under a black-light, and are limited to /30 each and hand-numbered.

Pressing Info:
Green Fluorescent Tint (/30)
Orange Fluorescent Tint (/30)

In addition, this will be the FIRST time that we are offering such a unique and customizable tape here for you all. In addition to selecting an orange or green tape, you will also get to customize your choice of sticker label color, so that the tape comes out as you personally like best. These are made to order, so there is not a set # of each sticker color, we will print the colors as requested by the fans. To keep from anyone trying to get all 8 (that would be insane), this product is limited to 2 per customer.


Tapes will be in standard size cases. The album will be printed in full color, including a double sided J-Card. This product is the Green tape variant and features feature 4 options of sticker label artwork, which will be made to order based on customer's selections. The sticker color choices for the Green tape are (Orange, Purple, Pink and Blue).

This product is available and ready to ship. Please allow 3-5 days for tape customization and order processing before these items are shipped out. Due to the nature of this product, the stickers must be assembled onto the tapes as the orders come in, thank you for your patience, and we know you will love this unique and customizable product!


A01. Intro
A02. Creating Obscenities
A03. Originator
B01. Evolutionary Contact
B02. Ubiquitous Plague

Listen to the full EP stream below: