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Label: Chugcore International

We welcome the newest addition to the Chugcore store, Xenobiotic, hailing from Perth, Australia and bringing you a blend of technical Death Metal and Deathcore. Ever since their formation they have managed to exceed all expectations with every consecutive release, and with their debut full length album 'Prometheus', Xenobiotic has outdone themselves.

This full length has been a long time coming since the band's debut EP 'Wraith' back in 2013, this has been the bands only other Album release since then, and bearing 11 tracks, this release more than makes up for that long wait time with over 35 minutes of material to feast your ears on. A truly incredible piece of art blending heaviness, melody, technicality and conceptual lyrics. For fans of Aversions Crown, The Faceless, Thy Art Is Murder, and Iconoclast.


This package contains the CD only. CDs will be printed in jewel case form. The album will be printed in full color along with an 4 page lyric booklet.


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1. Prometheus I: Aether
2. Prometheus II: Genesis
3. The Gift of Fire
4. Alive
5. Forethought
6. Nether II: Hindsight
7. Alone
8. He Who Dwells In Grime
9. The People's Champion
10. Prometheus III: Nemesis
11. Prometheus IV: Immortal

Listen to the full album stream below: