Sabella - Collectors Bundle [3 CD Set] (Perennial, Never Home, Dog Daze)


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CHG 108, D070, D078
Label: Self-Released/Chugcore International (Never Home Only)

Now in stock, we are proud to have in our store ALL 3 of Sabella's most recent albums: Perennial (2015), Never Home (2016) and Dog Daze (2017), which gives us an ALMOST complete Sabella discography (only one missing is the first one The Funeral which is long out of press).

Thus we have available now, a collector's bundle from critically acclaimed long time Chugcore favorites, Sabella. This band is one of the most unique artists in the underground heavy music scene, creating a solid mix of alternative rock and heavy hitting hardcore. Sabella is for fans of Varials, Kaonashi, Every Time I Die, and Turnstile.


This bundle contains all 3 of Sabella's recent albums all pressed in different formats (Jewel Case/Digipak/Sleeve). This includes the 3 track EP 'Perrenial' which was self-pressed as a sleeve CD, the 6 track 'Never Home' Split EP with Kaonashi which was pressed under Chugcore in Jewel Case form, along with lastly the most recent 'Dog Daze' album which is a 13 track full length album pressed as a digipak.

This product is available and shipping out NOW! Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the CDs are shipped.

Please note this is a mixed pressing bundle, 2 titles are distribution only releases and not an official Chugcore pressings, while the Never Home CD is a Chugcore Official discography press.