KING - Full Discography (Collectors Bundle) [3 CDs]

KING - Full Discography (Collectors Bundle) [3 CDs]


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CHG 140, 052-2, 030
Label: Chugcore International

This bundle is for all the true fans and collectors of KING. This bundle will provide you with everything you need to own all 3 releases by Los Angeles California Downtempo act KING. Including the 2017 brand new self-titled full length, as well as the critically acclaimed 2015 release "The Gathering" and also going back to their roots, the 2014 EP that started it all, "The Further".


This bundle contains all 3 albums by KING, each of which is printed in Jewel Case form and contain full lyric booklets. They are each briefly described below:

In their Self-Titled album, using low, slow, dreary and soul-devouring heaviness combined with razor sharp production and twisted, perverse lyrics to appeal to fans of extreme music world-wide, Californian crushers King bring you 40 minutes of pure fury with their 2017 full length album.

'The Gathering' is the highly acclaimed 2015 album which features a STACKED roster of guest vocalists (14 in total) from bands all across the Deathcore board such as Oceano, I Declare War, Immoralist, Feign, Bodysnatcher, and more, 13 tracks make up this monstrous release.

KING's debut EP 'The Further' features re-designed never before seen artwork and is only the 30th official release in the Chugcore discography. In addition to the typical 5 tracks on The Further EP, there will also be 2 bonus tracks included on the CD, remixed and remastered versions of their 2 non-album singles, "Filth" and "Annabelle".


For tracklists and more complete information please visit the individual album pages here:
The Gathering (
The Further (

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