Human Error - Upon A Throne Of Greed [Import]


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Label: Vicious Instinct Records
VIR 009

Back in stock, thanks to meeting up the Human Error boys we have gotten them to send us some copies to keep our US store stocked once again. These are some of the last remaining copies of the 1st press of their debut release "Upon A Throne of Greed".

A new, yet promising act, Human Error which has been successful worldwide, and well known for being the new project of Acrania frontman Luke Griffin, alongside members of Vulvodynia and others, this project brings you Slamming Deathcore from the UK/South Africa. This CD features 5 tracks and includes guest vocals by the vocalists of Aversions Crown, Infant Annihilator, and Shadow of Intent.


This release is printed in CD jewel case form with a lyric booklet. The jewel cases is factory sealed. This product is available and shipping out NOW! Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the CDs are shipped.

Please note this is a distribution only release and not an official Chugcore pressing.


1. Societal Paralysis
2. Intus Diabolis (ft. Mark Poida of Aversions Crown)
3. Synthetic Euphoria
4. Billions Made As Millions Die (ft. Dickie Allen of Infant Annihilator)
5. Human Error (ft. Ben Duerr of Shadow Of Intent)

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