Visions of Disfigurement - Abhorrent Extinction [Import]


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Label: Ghastly Music
Disc #: GM026/2017
Artist: Visions of Disfigurement
Album: Abhorrent Extinction
Format: Jewel Case CD [Import]
Digital: August 24, 2016
Physical: February 10, 2017
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Location: Manchester, England
FFO: Cranial Contamination, Dysmorfectomy, Splattered, Internal Devour


A favorite among the slam community, comes Visions of Disfigurement, the 4 piece slam band. This release was originally printed as a self-press, which has long been sold out. The new pressing is re-printed by Ghastly Music. In addition to the normal 10 tracks on the original version, this pressing adds 6 live songs.


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Please note this is a distribution only release and not an official Chugcore pressing.


1. Fecaluria
2. Clitsnipper
3. Forced Urophagia (ft. Chris Butterworth of Crepitation/Kastrated)
4. Spontaneous Cumbustion
5. Excremental Carnal Discharge
6. Miscreation (ft. Robb Clark of Fallen Apollo)
7. Abhorrent Extinction
8. From Clit to Crack
9. Decrepit Expartiation
10. Necrotic Cranial Fornication
11. Fecaluria (Live)
12. Spontaneous Cumbustion (Live)
13. Clitsnipper (Live)
14. Miscreation (Live)
15. Forced Urophagia (Live)
16. Necrotic Cranial Fornication (Live)

Stream the full album here: