Delusions of Grandeur - Reclamation


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CHG 132
Label: Chugcore International

For fans of our more progressive, djent, traditional style Deathcore releases, comes a brand new artist to the Chugcore store. We welcome Delusions of Grandeur, who have teamed up with us to re-print their full release discography (2013-2015)*.

Originally released by the band or through their previous label, these 3 re-prints will feature adjusted artwork that is unique to this new pressing. In addition Gravis is now printed as a jewel case CD instead of a Sleeve.


This package contains 'Reclamation' which is their 2014 release, containing 5 tracks, and a career defining album for the band. For fans of Periphery, Animals as Leaders, After the Burial, and Veil of Maya.

CDs will be in standard jewel case form. The album will be printed with full color artwork including a 4 panel booklet of beautiful artwork.


This product is available and shipping out NOW! Please allow 2-3 days for order processing before the package is shipped.

This item contains the 'Reclamation' CD only. To see what other options we have available for this release, please go here:


1. Theatrophy (ft. Dan Watson of Infant Annihilator and Dave Simonich of Improvidence)
2. Megalon
3. Spawn of Sagan
4. Ghostman
5. Reclamation

Stream the full album here: