Fleshburner - Birtheater EP [Limited Edition Digipak]


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CHG 124
Label: Chugcore International

We welcome the newest addition to the Chugcore store, Fleshburner's debut EP 'Birtheater' is now available for order. This is the debut EP of Chicago, IL Deathcore group which is a new project featuring members of Delta, I Killed Everyone, and Shrine of Flesh.

This EP has gotten great attention over the past few weeks and we're happy to be bringing it to life in physical form. The release features 5 songs of heavy gritty deathcore and features guest vocals by Rheese Peters ex- A Night In Texas. For fans of Angelmaker, Lorna Shore, Gravemind, Methwitch.

This release will be being printed as a limited edition hand-numbered Digipak. The Digipak is printed with a beautiful 6 panel layout including lyrics. There will be only 100 copies printed of this release and all will be numbered out of 100.

For one of the first times in our store, we are going to be offering the option for fans to purchase a SIGNED Digipak directly from Chugcore, signed by all members of Fleshburner. We are only sending 30 copies of the CD to the band to sign them. Please note that there is a small additional cost for a signed copy due to them having to be sent to the band and then back to us. Please also note that ordering of a signed CD may result in an extra week or two for shipping due to the time it takes to receive them back from the band.

This is a pre-order item. CDs will be expected to be printed and shipped out in around 2 weeks, for an estimated shipping date of 7/17.

1. Tremors
2. Annex
3. Parasite (ft. Rheese Peters)
4. Aborted
5. Birtheater

Listen to the full EP stream below: