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CHG 121
Label: Chugcore International

We welcome the newest addition to the Chugcore store! Ev0lution delivers a unique combination of EDM and heavy riffs. Their final product should intrigue you enough to check out what this band has to bring to the table. And with a stacked roster of featured artists this is sure to catch the attention of any fan of modern Deathcore, to see what each of these featured artists brings to a completely different style of music.

This LP release contains 12 songs and features some of metals most talented including CJ McMahon, Dickie Allen, Adam Warren, Dan Watson, Tyler Shelton, Luke Griffin, Ben Duerr, and many more. For fans of The Browning, Big Chocolate, Exotype, and The Algorithm.

CDs will be in standard jewel case form. The album will be printed with full color artwork.

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1. Fallout (ft. CJ McMahon, Dickie Allen & Jack Simmons)
2. The Greada Treaty (ft. Adam Warren & Surge)
3. Uprise (ft. CJ McMahon & Devin Barrus)
4. Horror on Park Ave (ft. Dan Watson, Devin Barrus & Blast)
5. Unhallowed ft. (Ben Duerr & Colton Bennett)
6. Take Me Away (ft. Josh Travis, Andy Cizek & Eternal Prophecy)
7. Conquer (ft. Tyler Shelton & Drew Gates)
8. My Nightmare (ft. Chris Ellington)
9. Roar (ft. Devin Barrus, Andrew Patterson & Blast)
10. Future (ft. The Algorithm & Devin Barrus)
11. Treego (ft. Casey Tyson-Pearce)
12. Evolution (ft. Luke Griffin)

Listen to their new single "Fallout" below: